Presentations for Coaching

Wellness - Personal

Mental Wellness for Personal Success

In this session, we will look into how we can reframe the way we look at our own mental health and how we can be more mindful.

Jericho Bulaun

Innovation in Education Leadership Wellness - School

Mentorship as a Change Management Strategy

70-20-10, this is the golden rule for successfully developing leaders.

Michael Iannini

Pedagogy & Assessment

Structured Word Inquiry

Science in the English classroom? Dissecting words? You bet! Structured Word Inquiry is the scientific investigation of how to spell words, any word.

Rebecca Bush

Online Learning Education Technology Student Voice

Towards strategic co-agency at MYP and beyond – promoting dialogue in learning technologies selection across subjects

This presentation looks at a framework that can be adapted to the school context for supporting co-agency between students and teachers to build a comprehensive repertoire of transferable technology skills.

Kathryn Reed

Learning Spaces Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice Wellness - School Wellness - Personal

Wellbeing and pedagogy in an EAL, early years classroom

In this presentation I would discuss how wellbeing is central to working with young, EAL children.

Jess Gosling

Online Learning Education Technology Leadership

Students Perception on the Presence of Effective Feedback Practices in Online Distance Learning

The focus of the study was to investigate which types of effective feedback practices are present during online synchronous and asynchronous sessions in higher education classes.

Jeffrey Beltran