Presentations for Teacher Librarian

Diversity & Social Justice

Leveraging International Schools’ Diversity for Maximal Growth of Students, Staff & Schools

This presentation will focus on why 'diversity' is important from a staffing and student perspective in international schools, and how to leverage the power of differences to nurture the growth & success of all members of an international school.

Jonathan Sheppard

Innovation in Education Pedagogy & Assessment

Beyond Grading

This presentation will look at the history, purpose, and alternatives to traditional grades in education, and the role grades play in 21st century learning.

Kirk McCullough

Education Technology Innovation in Education Pedagogy & Assessment

DeCoDe How to use Design Thinking & Computational Thinking to Solve Any Problem

In this interactive session, we will explore how our unique approach to blending Design Thinking and Computational Thinking can be used to solve any problem.

Mark Barnett

Wellness - Personal

Three Steps Toward Your Personal Digital Wellness

In this informative session, open to all, learn three concrete steps you can take to begin managing your technology instead of letting it manage you.

Steve Katz

Online Learning Education Technology Innovation in Education

The Power of Replit

If you are thinking of introducing text-based coding to your students, Replit can make your job easier. I will share my experiences and help you get started exploring the site.

Dalton Flanagan

Online Learning Learning Spaces Education Technology Innovation in Education Leadership

XR in Edtech, Privacy and Safety in the Metaverse

Common Sense Media has released new research on the privacy and security of virtual reality, including ratings of the most-used devices in educational technology. The results are striking.

Jill Bronfman