Presentations for English/Language Arts Teacher

Diversity & Social Justice

Leveraging International Schools’ Diversity for Maximal Growth of Students, Staff & Schools

This presentation will focus on why 'diversity' is important from a staffing and student perspective in international schools, and how to leverage the power of differences to nurture the growth & success of all members of an international school.

Jonathan Sheppard

Innovation in Education Pedagogy & Assessment

Beyond Grading

This presentation will look at the history, purpose, and alternatives to traditional grades in education, and the role grades play in 21st century learning.

Kirk McCullough

Innovation in Education Student Voice Diversity & Social Justice Pedagogy & Assessment

Incorporating Design Thinking, Social-Emotional Learning, PBL, and Global Collaboration in High School Humanities

This presentation will provide examples of curricula, student work, student testimony, and a blueprint for how to develop such a program.

Sam Vierra

Wellness - Personal

Three Steps Toward Your Personal Digital Wellness

In this informative session, open to all, learn three concrete steps you can take to begin managing your technology instead of letting it manage you.

Steve Katz

Online Learning Education Technology Innovation in Education Leadership Student Voice

Building A Sustainable Coaching Program

This session is not only for coaches but for all educators who want to bring technology integration into their classes in an innovative and meaningful way.

Cora Yang

Education Technology Innovation in Education

Procreate Bootcamp

Procreate is not only an app that "real world artists and designers" are using, but it can also be used for note taking, mood boards, research, painting, drawing, collage, typography, AR, and animation.

Rebecca Jardin