Wycombe Abbey School

Wycombe Abbey has been at the forefront of British academic excellence for the last 120 years. Approximately one third of Wycombe Abbey’s graduates receive offers of places at Oxford or Cambridge each year, with others going on to Russell Group universities in the United Kingdom and top universities in the USA such as Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton and Stanford.

Our Bespoke Curriculum

The Wycombe Abbey School curriculum has been specifically designed to provide primary aged children with an approach to teaching and learning that combines the best from the British and Hong Kong primary education systems, ensuring that our pupils are ideally prepared for the next steps in their schooling.

Our pupils develop total fluency in English and access a curriculum which is built around the core components of the internationally renowned National Curriculum for England and Wales. At the same time, we ensure that our pupils have a firm grounding in the Chinese language and culture through our exceptional Chinese curriculum.

In addition to our core primary subjects of English, Chinese, and Mathematics, we provide a diverse and varied programme of experiences and extra-curricular activities for every child. Highlighted by the modern facilities and themed specialist classrooms at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong, our pupils have the opportunity to experience an inspiring choice of different activities, from individual and team sports to Creative Arts, Music, Chess, Cookery, Drama, Dance, iSTEAM and much more, in an exciting range of teams, clubs, and societies.

Our Chinese Curriculum

Chinese language learning is an integral part of the daily class schedule for all Wycombe Abbey Hong Kong pupils. Putonghua is the medium of instruction for all Chinese lessons. Our pupils are taught primarily to read and write in simplified characters, with exposure to traditional characters through lessons in calligraphy, voluntary supplementary reading lessons, and a variety of extra-curricular activities. Our school offers curriculum streams for both Native Speaking and Non-Native Speaking groups, differentiated within classes to provide an immersive environment promoting Chinese culture. Our curriculum design is based on the Chinese National Curriculum, while our authentic curriculum materials are sourced from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and Taiwan to ensure a variety and balance of Chinese language and culture.

Our Holistic Approach to Teaching

Our teaching approach can be summarised as being collaborative and personalised. It is sensitive to the individual needs of each pupil; we provide learning materials that are appropriately challenging, as well as rich and varied in content. Supported by our small class sizes and low pupil to teacher ratio (12:1), each of our lessons encourages interaction and dialogue. To ensure that all learning objectives are clearly understood by each pupil, our teachers make productive use of instructional time to match and carefully stretch the abilities of each child in every lesson. Our pupils spend plenty of time in collaborative learning situations, as we believe this builds a sense of responsibility and teamwork, through pupils actively engaging in challenges together.

Our teacher-pupil and pupil–peer relationships are characterised by warmth and respect. We encourage children to be sociable and cooperative with each other in all their interactions, and pupils develop the attributes of care and empathy. Our school ensures the physical and emotional welfare of our pupils, meaning your child is safe, happy, involved in their work and empowered to perform to their full potential.