The mission of 21st Century Learning International is Building Communities of Learners and #21CLHKOnline continues this mission by bringing educators together as a learning community despite the current challenges of the global pandemic. This #PubPD event provides a fun forum for educators to discuss important ideas and educational concepts based on the work of some of our keynote speakers.


29 January, 6pm – 7pm (+8GMT)

See in some common timezones


CityPub NamePub ZoneTIme
Ho Chi Minh CityMalt D1D1 (all of Saigon, yaaaay)5pm
HangzhouBrewGang 6pm
Nansha, ChinaYes Bar6pm
BeijingThe Swan with two necksBeijing North Schools (shunyi)6pm
BeijingProdigyBeijing Center Schools6pm
GuangzhouGOAT Four Seas Walk Panyu6pm
TaipaPrem1er BarOld Taipa6pm
OnlineWonder! (BYOB!)6pm (+8GMT)


Please signup – we’ll send you the link. If you are registered for the conference check the app!

Key Questions

#QuestionKeynote Associated
1What are the key lessons from recent school closures that we can apply to schools moving forward?

Yong Zhao
2How do you envision AI being used by educators to deepen the learning experience for students?

Rose Luckin
3Educators have demonstrated that they can swiftly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances during Covid. How do we make this agile process sustainable and the new norm?

Ewan McIntosh
4In a life filled with distractions, how do teachers help students to become truly and deeply engaged?

Andrew Hargreaves
5If we truly build “21st Century Skills” into the curriculum then what could be the assessment model for including these skills into our assessments?

Claire Scoular