Colegio Montserrat

The Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth opened Colegio Montserrat in 1926 with a vision to ‘shape the mind and heart” of its children. In the present day, their vision has translated further into providing ‘quality teaching, excellence, and innovation’.

On its Barcelona campus, it teaches approximately 1050 students from K-12. The faculty staff is convinced that the student is the main protagonist of their learning and is willing to help each one achieve their own excellence in all areas possible.

Over the last 20 years, the Colegio has learned from far and wide and has established an educational program that encompasses research in neuroscience, psychology, and sociology. It is based on the certainty that each student is intelligent, that the opportunities we offer them will help them develop their multiple intelligences and that the confidence and the possibility of learning together will emerge from their autonomy in learning.

The school is constantly improving its educational model with a new curriculum for the 21st Century (interdisciplinary, contextualized, global), with project-based methodologies that use technology as tools and authentic assessment  that is another way of learning,

Teachers become designers of learning experiences (instead of content deliverers) and coaches and students are now creators with much more autonomy in the design of their learning plan (instead of just consuming curriculum). This affects the organization in terms of time, groupings, learning sessions, and combined subjects and it has also an impact on the learning space that allows learning to happen everywhere and at any time.