The following template letters may be helpful for you if you are an educator writing to your principal to convince the school to finance your attendance, or conversely if you are a principal, tech coach or tech director encouraging your staff to attend.

Please copy and paste and feel free to modify as necessary!

Letter from you to your Principal


The 11th Annual 21st Century Learning conference will be held from 8-9 March 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Why is it important that I attend?

The 21st Century Learning Conference (21CLHK) provides attendees the opportunity to extend their learning about using technology in the classroom. It is an opportunity to explore, discover, and learn with local, regional, and international experts in the use of technology in learning and teaching.

Professional Networking – It is also a great opportunity to connect in person with educators from around the world. While you can communicate via email Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype, this does not compare with the experience of talking face to face with like minded educators who are already working on connecting learning with technology. Attendance at 21CL is a great way to surround myself with like-minded people who can help me grow and nourish my own creative ideas and processes.

Learn from Innovators – I have an opportunity to connect with world class educators like Dr. Andy Hargreaves, Kevin Honeycutt, Dr. Mariana Brussoni – amongst several others.

Learn from teachers – There are a host of workshops run by featured presenters and many more yet to be announced. These workshops will bring me practical takeaways that I can take back to the classroom.

Affordable – The registration fee for the main conference will give me two full days of professional growth. There are further discounts to the registration price if our school registers as a group of 5 or more.

Thanks for your consideration and please let me know if you have any questions!