Hadar Abramovich

VP, Business & Strategy, MagniLearn

MagniLearn is an Israeli Education as a Service (EaaS) company with its mission to revolutionize learning efficiency in the B2B market.
Using novel AI, NLP, neuroscience and cognitive principles, we developed a ‘linguistic engine’  that understands where learners are struggling and adapts its lessons to match individual needs. The teaching method is interactive and tailor-made, based on dynamically generated free-form exercises in real-time.
The company was founded by 3 PhDs experts from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, recognized as an AI Tech for Good partner by Microsoft and is backed and funded by Labs02, OurCrowd, Reliance industries (Indian multinational conglomerate) and the Israel Innovation Authority (Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry).

Recent news at TechCrunch. MagniLearn Product Video

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