Cora Yang

Whole School Learning Technology Coach and MYP Design Technology Teacher, Renaissance College Hong Kong

Cora Yang is a Whole School Learning Technology Coach at Renaissance Collge Hong Kong. She focuses on PYP and MYP technology integration, such as coding, robotics, VR, digital design (3D, laser cut) and circuit board.
She believes that technology is the bridge for students to connect school with the real world. Technology can offer students more possibilities and opportunities to apply knowledge to different real-life skills.
Cora is a curious learner who is always up for new things and technologies to learn. Just like her curiosity, she loves bringing new technologies for educators and students to enrich the learning and teaching experience.
Cora constantly offers chances for students in her classes to work on project-based, student-centered activities.

She thinks that passionate, persistent and humorous, approachable would be the words that match her work style. Do NOT let her talk about work, once she starts, she will NEVER stop!
When Cora is not working, she enjoys being a new mom with her kid on the beach, playing with fabric in front of sewing machines and going on a family stroll outside.