Bullis Charter School

About the School

Bullis Charter School (BCS) is a public charter school in Los Altos, California, USA, for grades kindergarten through eighth. BCS has a diverse student population with over 16 languages spoken, including Farsi, Vietnamese, Hindi, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Greek, and Cantonese, and a diverse range of academic, social, and emotional needs to be met. 

At the heart of BCS’s rich program is its staff. With a core of classroom teachers supported by associate teachers, BCS’s staff is rounded out by a host of certificated specialists for Art, Music, Drama, PE, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and Foreign Language. Guided by strong administrative leadership, the staff works together to build a comprehensive curriculum delivered through sound yet innovative instructional practices. A unique system of teacher experts/leaders in different curricular areas ensures that the staff is constantly seeking and being trained in current, research-based ‘best practices.’ A schedule that includes staff or team meetings every Thursday, plus professional development days including 10 training days held before the start of each school year, provides staff members with formal opportunities to learn and share their expert knowledge with each other. The result is an environment that is stimulating to both teachers and students, where the pursuit and achievement of high expectations is the goal.