There are so many options and choices to make when deciding when and where to spend your annual Professional Development budget. We’ve put together ten reasons why we think you should consider attending the 12th edition of the 21st Century Learning Annual Conference, rated by EdSurge magazine as one of the top forty “must attend” conference events in the world.

Focused on learning

Conference themes centered around emerging areas in Education: Diversity and Social Justice, Remote Learning, Wellness,  STEAM, MakerEd, Student Voice, Leadership & Coaching.

Interface with thought leaders

Hear from some of the leading academics and opinion leaders about the latest trends and developments in education.

Engage with 150 outstanding practitioner presenters

Explore what is driving forward innovative learning and teaching practice, in schools around the region and beyond.

Learn to Lead

Attending a one of our bespoke leadership workshops. Whether you are an existing school leader, or aspiring leader, one of these workshops will keep you current and enhance your CV.

Partnerships with Leading Organisations

We  partner with ISTE, and other international organisations, to provide educators with a global perspective.

A Global Event

21CLHK is a platform that allows you unparalleled learning and networking opportunities from a diverse audience

Watch When and Where it Suits You

Regardless of whether you are in the classroom, on the bus on the way home, or on the sofa after putting the kids to bed, the live sessions or recordings are available via your computer or phone anytime, anywhere.


Access Two Conferences of Content

In addition to sessions this year last years content is also available making over 300 hours of content supporting your professional learning journey!


PD Hours and Recognition

Receive a certificate with PD hours based on the number of sessions you watch. If you watch more sessions later you can request an updated certificate. 


Send The Whole School

World class conference content and community is not just for the select few. With the school pass all employees from a school can attend.