“Deeper learning” schools are those whose leaders have changed the status quo of traditional education and created different learning environments for students and teachers. 

In this one day workshop participants will work together to identify existing school strengths and potential entry points toward deeper learning transitions. Using examples from our research journey in the book Leadership for Deeper Learning: Facilitating School Innovation and Transformation. Through two, 3-hour learning sprints, participants will learn about the science of deeper learning as well create an entry point that their schools can utilize in helping to shape the next steps in their journey. 

  • Sprint 1:  Building Confidence in the Science behind Deeper Learning 
    • This session will explore the latest science around human learning, relying heavily on recent work done by the Science of Learning and Development Alliance. This research highlights the importance of positive developmental relationships and powerful learning experiences as the central drivers of learning.
  • Sprint 2:  Entry Points for Deeper Learning: A Structural Playbook
    • This session explores the school-level structures that support deeper learning and provides insights and examples of how those structures are integrated and linked in different schools. The session provides a general introduction to a series of steps in the form of a playbook: (1) student voice and agency, (2) graduate competencies, (3) inquiry based learning experiences, (4) performance assessments, and (5) professional teaching cultures. To achieve deeper learning at scale, these structures must be intentionally linked and deployed to actively promote equity of opportunity structures. The sprint will provide examples of different school models that succeed in linking structures for deeper learning. Participants will discuss and engage in activities that examine our own local practices and highlight entry points in their own work. 

“Authentic, candid, and insightful, Richardson, Bathon, and McLeod present a captivating picture of innovative leadership. Their stories of some of the most innovative and forward-looking schools in the world should be read by everyone. Their analyses of the qualities of leaders of these schools are inspiring and brilliant. A must-read!”

“Leadership for Deeper Learning is filled with inspiring stories of profound changes in a wide variety of schools and the leaders who enabled them. It’s a deeply hopeful book that deserves to be read by every aspiring change leader.”

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What School Could Be

This event is a highly engaging, research based workshop where participants will take away new skills and tools

Date and Time

19 May 2023
8am – 3pm


$225 – Individuals
$200 – Two or more per person
$175 – Five or more per person
$150 – Eight or more per person

Note: You do not need to register for the main 21CLBKK Conference to attend this one-day workshop.

About The Book

Leadership for Deeper Learning: Facilitating School Innovation and Transformation

Around the world, the concept of a school is growing more action-oriented, performance-focused, digitally relevant, and democratically infused. In this book, you’ll hear from real schools and leaders about practices that are changing schools and leading to deeper learning experiences across seven categories of innovative practice—including vision, agency in learning, trust in teachers, openness to new ideas, over-communicating change, equity mindedness, and courage to live outside norms.

Leadership for Deeper Learning looks at how school leaders change the status quo and create different learning environments for students and teachers. Rich in stories and strategies, this book will provide you with the ideas and tools to rethink and reignite learning for the future.


Dr. Jayson Richardson

Professor & Department Chair
University of Denver

Jayson is a full professor and Department Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in the Morgridge College of Education at the University of Denver.

Dr. Justin Bathon

Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies
University of Kentucky

Justin Bathon is Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky. He is a co-Director of Center for Next Generation Leadership and the Director of the Next Generation Scholars Dual Credit program for the University of Kentucky.