There is a moral panic worldwide about the risks posed by the trans and non-binary community, when the truth is that it is our trans and non-binary siblings who are increasingly at risk. It is unsurprising that this climate can leak into our schools: at a time when greater visibility means more children and young people are questioning their gender identity, the world in which they are beginning their gender journeys commonly offers little empathy or safety.

An experienced international school Principal, a member of the Global Equality Collective and ECIS’ DEIJ team, and a regular contributor to the Diverse Educators network, Matthew is the proud father of two adult transgender children, and he has already shared some of their story in the popular podcast, “Jack and Me”. Having navigated together the complex terrain of the international schools sector, their learning has been sometimes painful and often profound. Having delivered this training in schools across Europe, this is the first time Matthew is bringing these stories to Asia.

In this training day, delegates will explore the notion of conditionality within the context of #DEIJ, with a particular focus on gender identity and how to interrogate both policy and practice through this lens. During the day, they will develop a common understanding of the needs and challenges of their trans and non-binary students and staff, and how best to adapt their school that those students – and, indeed, all members of the school community, regardless of their intersecting characteristics and identities – can enjoy a consistent, authentic and palpable sense of belonging.

Praise for Matthew

“Matthew provided us with the opportunity to evaluate our school culture and individual pedagogy. By encouraging us to consider impact along with intention, he invited us to reflect on both purpose and potential barriers. Through a variety of lenses, he helped us to recognize simple steps to create a more inclusive environment for students of specific groups, simultaneously enhancing the experience for all pupils.” 

“I would highly recommend the #DEIJ/Transinclusivity Training Day to all staff, but especially those with pastoral and/or academic responsibility. Matthew’s delivery is thoroughly engaging and the questions he poses are thought provoking. There is a good blend of reflection, evaluation and application over the course of the day. I feel I have come away with a better understanding of the unique barriers transgender and gender non-conforming students face and what is within my sphere of control to make my school a more inclusive environment for all.”

“The engagement in the room was palpable, and I took away pages of notes on resources, books, films and more. I feel better equipped to advocate not only for my trans and non-binary students, but for my whole student body and their diverse needs. I appreciate Matthew’s family’s willingness to share their story with those he trains as we are made better people by knowing their journey. An insightful and practical workshop day; thank you.”

“Matthew really helped us focus on the importance of inclusion. His guidance was gentle and always focused on care and acceptance. Often, when it comes to DEIJ there is a sense of discomfort or defensiveness but not with Matthew because he stays true to his message of listening and taking care of one another.”

Date and Time

19 May 2023


$225 – Individuals
$200 – Two or more per person
$175 – Five or more per person
$150 – Eight or more per person

Note: You do not need to register for the main 21CLBKK Conference to attend this one-day workshop.


  • Introduction: Conditionality and the transinclusive school

  • Activity: Who do you think you are? – reflecting on your own identity

  • Workshop: Spikes and Curb Cuts – a design-led approach to adaptation

  • Workshop: Conducting a #deij audit – using transinclusivity as an example

  • Plenary: Next steps and Q&A


Matthew Savage

Assessment, Wellbeing and DEIJ Consultant, Savage Education

An experienced international school principal and leader, architect of #TheMonaLisaEffect®, and host of both the ‘Jack and Me‘ and ‘The Data Conversation‘ podcasts, Matthew is now a speaker, consultant and trainer, working with schools across the world to help ensure every single student can “be seen, be heard, be known and belong”. Editor of SchoolRubric’s InterACT magazine, an Associate Consultant with LSC Education, a trainer for GL Education globally, and Thought Partner with Noonchi Wellbeing, he is also a member of the ECIS‘ DEIJ team and the Global Equality Collective, and a regular contributor to the Diverse Educators network. Proud parent of two adult, transgender children, he lives on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, with his wonderful wife and atypical dog.