In this one-day workshop, attendees will be equipped with the skills to help their school to become not just “data rich” but “information rich.” This course is designed to help educators learn how to use basic skills in Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) so they can visualize their data and turn it into useful information for others. This is a hands-on course where you will have the opportunity to practice data literacy and data visualization skills with a sample data set or your own data.

In addition to seeing multiple examples currently being used in schools, you will also be able to:

  • Set up your data spreadsheets to connect to Looker Studio
  • Connect your spreadsheets (data resource) to Looker Studio
  • Understand how to adjust the basic formatting of charts, text, shapes, page layouts, and page views
  • Create basic charts such as tables, bar charts, line charts, and scorecards
  • Adjust the colors and fonts with themes
  • Create interactive filters for exploratory data
  • Learn how to share your dashboard with others via email, link, or downloadable PDF

Google Looker (formally Google Data Studio) is a free data visualization platform available to all schools that use Google Workplace.


  • Dashboard of student assessment data for teachers
  • Dashboard of grade level/school level student assessment data (grade level leaders/school administrators)
  • Visualize student standardized/cognitive assessment information
  • Individual Student Profiles
  • Social/Emotional Learning Tracking
  • Curriculum resources and standards
  • Facilities scheduling and usage

Date and Time
19 May 2023
8am – 3pm
Lunch included


Note: You do not need to register for the main 21CLBKK Conference to attend this one-day workshop.

Who Should Attend?

  • Classroom Teachers

  • Department heads

  • Data Analysts

  • School SIS administrators

  • Curriculum Directors / Directors of Learning


Chris Smith

Academic Data Specialist
Singapore American School

Chris Smith is an academic data analyst in the international education field. Throughout his 25 years in education, he noticed schools and educators collecting data but struggling with being overwhelmed or not knowing what to do with the data.

So, he began coaching, training, and consulting schools and educators to learn how to discover what data they actually need and how they can turn it into information that leads to insights and informed decision-making. He currently works with schools and educators all around the world to help them make sense of their data.

When Chris is not sitting in front of a spreadsheet, he enjoys mountain biking and laughing.