We measure what we value, and we value what we measure. 

During this training, data and assessment expert, Matthew Savage, will offer a refreshing, new assessment paradigm, to complement and challenge the orthodoxy of traditional assessment in schools – one that is based on listening and responding to the individual story of each student.

In this deep dive, he will explore the different ways in which we can tune into our students’ wellbeing. After all, the better we understand how they are feeling, the more we can connect with their own experience. 

In order to do this, Matthew will explore a galaxy of wellbeing data ‘stars’, and how we can join them together to create warm ‘constellations’ which, in turn, will help tell the authentic story of each and every student. 

Armed with a new framework for measuring wellbeing, including specific and actionable tools we can use better to address this critical priority, delegates will be able to review assessment policy and practice in their own schools, to create a safety net sufficient that no child can fall through the cracks.

Matthew talks of a jigsaw of different data pieces, as we try to see life and learning through the eyes of the students we teach. He will argue that it is by ‘sweeping the street’ and ‘lighting the fire’ that we can really start to complete that puzzle.

Date and Time
7 March 2024
9am – 4pm


$250 – One Person
$225 – Two or more per people
$200 – Five or more per people

Note: You do not need to register for the main 21CLHK Conference to attend this one-day workshop.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone interested in supporting and enhancing well being in EY-12 Education settings

  • School Principals and leadership

  • School counsellors

  • Safeguarding Coordinators

  • Data Specialists


Matthew Savage

Assessment, Wellbeing and DEIJ Consultant, Savage Education

An experienced international school principal and leader, architect of #TheMonaLisaEffect®, and host of both the ‘Jack and Me‘ and ‘The Data Conversation‘ podcasts, Matthew is now a speaker, consultant and trainer, working with schools across the world to help ensure every single student can “be seen, be heard, be known and belong”.