Key features

  • Rather than concentrating content into the typical 2-day constraint of F2F conferences we have spread the content over two weeks.
  • Leaving Friday’s clear apart from the social events
  • Breaking one-day workshops into two three hour blocks taking place over two Saturdays
  • Live sessions taking place “after school” for Asian time zones, but still accessible for educators in Europe
  • Scheduling some workshops early on Saturday mornings and afternoons 
  • Building in opportunities for conference participants to meet up face to face in their home cities during social events
  • Pricing the conference very aggressively which allows attendance at one conference  or at all three for a small premium
  • All content recorded for later access both during and after the conference
  • With an estimated 150 hours of programming this provides PD at around US$1 per hour. Fantastic value for money!

21CLHK (22 November – 4 December 2021)

The conference takes place over two weeks, each week looks just like below